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Little One goes to bed

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Let's read about the time when you were about to go to sleep and discovered something lurking under the bed! Don't worry, you have your favorite cuddly toy with you!In this book the grown-up who is reading this book to you, may come along.
Little one’s stories is a collection of apps for parents and children. The idea is to take the classic children’s book to the next level with the possibility to edit the main character to make it look like the child it is read to. There are also a few decisions to make in each book.
- A traditional children's book with everyday situations.
- Design Little One to look like you.
- With almost endless variations, you will likely be able to build a character that looks like you.
Reading together with small children is a treasured tradition we would love to see go on. And with today’s children spending more and more time in front of a screen, why not turn that to an opportunity and go back to basics?
This app is made for children and is developed by parents. In order for parents to feel secure that the child will not be tricked into buying anything or being linked to any web sites, this and any future app will not have any "In App Purchases", Advertising or any links that will start any other programs like Safari, Facebook or Instagram. Instead we have chosen to refer to our Facebook and Instagram accounts, but not link to them. No personal information will be gathered from the users of the app. With these precautions parents never have to worry when their child is using one of Little Ones apps.